Pittsfield Community Supports

At Pittsfield Community Supports we build connections with the community and our environment. Our fun and inclusive program helps adults with intellectual disabilities improve life skills and enrich their lives. All of our activities are aimed at personal development and
community inclusion.

Community Inclusion

We enjoy the outdoors in our peaceful picnic area and grow flowers and vegetables for donation to local food cupboards.

Many people volunteer with Meals on Wheels, churches and local libraries to bring meals, support, and fellowship to those in need in our community.

When we’re not visiting farms, stores, museums, and sporting events we’re hosting live music and holiday parties for fun and relationship building.


Our Special Olympics team, The Tornados, takes part in the summer and winter games as well as the basketball competition. We train all year round and love doing it.

Learning Together

Every day is a new adventure with activities that teach social skills, health and safety, banking and budgeting, and nutrition skills. PCS offers a variety of clubs including:
-Spa activities
-Creative projects
-Computer lab