SKILLS is excited to pilot the Employment Services that the Maine Office of Aging and Disability Services has outlined in the Lifespan Waiver, for members on Sections 18, 20, 21, and 29.

These services are designed to be progressive, and intended to initiate at different points depending on the needs of the individual. Each service is time-limited to assist the individual with moving through the process toward competitive integrated employment.

This project will provide confidence-building and employment opportunity awareness through individual and group instruction and seeks to be an ongoing resource for both peer support organizations, employment providers, and potential job seekers in Kennebec, Somerset, and Penobscot Counties.

SKILLS Employment Services will offer several curriculums aligned to individual needs, led by SKILLS' employment specialists.


Patrick Bagley 
Community Integration Services Manager
[email protected]

Employment Supports

Employment Exploration

Make an informed choice as you look for competitive integrated employment or self-employment (CIE). Go on business tours, informational interviews, job shadows, or other similar exploratory activities. Receive information as to how working may or may not impact your benefits.

Job Coaching

SKILLS, Inc. job coaches create a job analysis with you as you identify what jobs interest you and then ensure you keep the job you like. They are there to provide you, your supervisor, and your coworkers the tools needed. This can be done either remotely (via technology) or face-to-face.

Integrated Employment Pathways

Do you want to work in an integrated worksite? If you do, then this offers resources and skills development to help - including general skills development needed for your chosen goals. Skills development includes generally accepted workplace conduct and dress, effective communication, the ability to follow directions at work, attend tasks, ensure personal and co-worker safety, and advance in your job or occupation.

Co-Worker Supports

Co-worker supports involve a shared agreement with an employer where the employer might provide job coaching. Co-worker supports can done by one or more co-workers and/or supervisors, must be something you want, and might replace an agency job coach plan.

Job Development Planning

Job Development Planning begins with a meeting between you and other key individuals supporting your progress. Create a written job development plan based on what you have already done and what is decided as part of this meeting.

This can also include the development of a plan for career advancement if you are seeking a promotion and/or individualized competitive integrated employment designation.

Job Development Implementation

After you create your Job Development Plan, find the support you want to achieve your goal of Community Integrated Employment.

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