Community Inclusion

SKILLS works to support and connect the diverse talent within the community of people with intellectual disabilities to their broader community in Central Maine.


SKILLS is excited to pilot the Employment Services that the Maine Office of Aging and Disability Services has outlined in the Lifespan Waiver, for members on Sections 18, 20, 21, and 29.

Community Membership

Community is where all people are valued for their unique gifts and talents and everyone feels welcome in places, businesses, organizations, clubs and associations as members, volunteers, learners, and citizens. We encourage the people we support to explore their community for places that they can join, become a member of, volunteer or learn something new while building new relationships.

Career Planning

Career Planning – provides up to 60 hours to explore interests, skills, and abilities and to spend time learning in at least three businesses. 

Work Supports

Work Supports provides on the job support to assist in learning job duties, building connections with supervisors and co-workers, and maintaining employment.

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