SKILLS is a non-profit organization in Maine helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and/or Autism pursue their goals, interests, preferences, and choices.

Our purpose is to ensure people with disabilities have the same things we all want, a safe place to live, people who care about them, and to live, work and belong in their communities.


SKILLS seeks to provide richer, and more individualized experiences for the people we support. To meet these challenges and opportunities, we  devote particular attention to programming and supports that are attentive to SKILLS community:

 - Inclusion
 - Quality
 - Advocacy
 - Awareness
 - Staff and Board
 - Surroundings


The People We Support Come First Every Day. We care about individual choices, interests, preferences, and goals.

Each Staff Person Makes a Big Difference. We strive for a positive, satisfying, and rewarding work environment.

Each Person is an Integral Part of the Community.
We continuously build relationships, resources, and awareness.

Quality is in the Doing. We continuously seek feedback, learn, evaluate, and improve.

Happiness and Accomplishment Matters. We foster well-being and achievement for the people we support and our staff.