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thrift store manequines dressed for Halloween

The SKILLS Thrift Store Warms Up

On Thursday October 25, a few shoppers searched for last-minute Halloween costume pieces among the items at the SKILLS Thrift Store. Staff reminded them to vote for their favorite of the scarecrows displayed in the front window. The Scarecrow Rodeo was coming to an  end and one lucky shopper would win a $25 gift certificate. It was a little chilly, so someone turned up the thermostat.

Soon an unusual sound interrupted the quiet afternoon chatter. It sounded like a smoke alarm, but there was no fire. What was going on?

After staff and shoppers safely left the building, inspections revealed that it was the carbon monoxide detectors making all that racket. The boiler in the basement was leaking fumes. Breathing such fumes for too long can cause headaches, dizziness and other unpleasant effects.

Fortunately, the carbon monoxide detectors did exactly what they were supposed to do and notified staff that there was a problem before it became big enough for people to notice. For the safety of staff and shoppers, the Thrift Store was closed until further notice.

Over the next couple of days, Maintenance Supervisor Scott Martin, inspected the boiler and spotted the issue. The owner of the building was contacted. He promised to address the problem as quickly as possible. With the dropping temperatures over the last few weeks, the Thrift Store could not reopen without a safe source of heat.

While the store was closed, workers didn’t just stay at home. They went over to the L.C. Dill Center, where donations are sorted, and helped to pack up new merchandise for shipping over to the store.

At first, it looked like the boiler would have to be replaced, but a fix was found. Scott called in an outside inspector to verify that everything was safe. The store reopened on Monday, October 29th.

By Tuesday, the store was full of shoppers eager to cash in on the Halloween bargains before they disappeared and to view the winning scarecrow in the Scarecrow Rodeo.

With 46 votes out of about 120, the scarecrow built by Grange Waiver won a $25 gift card for the house! Dottie Corson was the lucky shopper who voted for Grange and had her name drawn from the pumpkin. She also won a $25 gift card for herself.

It’s back to business as usual in the warm, friendly SKILLS Thrift Store. Soon the window displays will be changed in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday and a new raffle or promotion will be announced. Come see us!