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Talent Show 2017 – A Great Time for Talent

If you missed the L.C. Dill Center Talent Show this year, you missed out on something great. Singers, musicians and comedians played to a packed house in the Dill Center gym. They brought us “Through the Years, a time traveling trip through music and comedy from the 1950s to today.”

2017 Dill Center Talent Show Packed GymTammy Worth, Team Leader at the L.C. Dill Center opened the festivities by dedicating the show to staff member Kathy Roddin who has worked with the organization for 30 years, and has been involved with the talent show almost that long.

Ron R. kicked off the performances with his guitar and a rendition of Hound Dog that got the crowd jumping. Highlights included “Hakuna Matata” sung with the help of a paper mache lion and “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” amplified by giant boxing gloves. Perhaps the most spectacular performance was “Greased Lightning” with its period appropriate costumes, cardboard speedster, and polished choreography.

An unexpected guest showed up during Matt N.’s performance of “Love Potion #9.” Shadow, one of the two Dill Center cats, took a turn across the stage. Things got a little dicey when she decided to rest on the cardboard set.

Shadow crashes the 2017 Dill Center Talent Show

Fearing the weight of the feline would bring the show crashing down, staff member Brandon and Maintenance Manager Shawn sprang into action. With the help of a ladder they removed Shadow from the set and the show went on.

Both the audience and the performers clearly had a great time. Everyone laughed, clapped and sang along, celebrating their talents and each other.

Standing Together, a group that meets monthly to discuss their rights and work on building healthy relationships, led the group in the R word pledge. The pledge acknowledges that using the word “retarded” to mean stupid hurts both people with disabilities and the people that love them. The crowd pledged not to use the R word in that way and to call out anyone who does so.

The R-Word Pledge
I pledge that I will not use the words “retard” or “retarded to mean “stupid.”
I understand that this is hurtful to people who have disabilities
and to people who love them, so I will be careful with my words.
I will also try to remember to pay attention when
other people use those words, and ask them to stop.

After the finale, which brought everyone back on stage, staff member Kathy presented the Landry Award to the performer chosen by a staff vote. That performer was Laurie B. who was thrilled to receive a plaque in recognition. Her name will also go on the roster that hangs in the Dill Center.

One performer requested the microphone to give the staff a special message, “I want to tell the staff how good they’ve been teaching us and everything,” Patty said. “They did a really good job.”

Tammy was also pleased with the way the event came together. “It was a wonderful turnout and I thank everybody who came to it,” she said.

There’s no doubt that next year will be even better.

2017 Dill Center Talent Show finale