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SKILLS volunteers give back to our community

SKILLS volunteers because it’s our community too

Across the communities that we serve, SKILLS volunteers are working quietly behind the scenes to feed the hungry, care for animals and generally make the world a better place.

Many of these volunteers are the people that we support. At SKILLS we believe that giving of your time and talent makes you and your
community better.

That’s why staff members and the people we support work together to volunteer in our communities.

SKILLS volunteers are Feeding the Hungry

SKILLS has been involved with Meals on Wheels since 2012. Groups from the L.C. Dill Center and Pittsfield Community Supports go out twice a week.
They deliver meals to about 40 people along the Skowhegan and Norridgewock routes. A staff member drives the van, but the people we support are the ones who knock on the door and deliver the food.
It’s hard to tell who enjoys it more, the volunteers or the homeowners and their pets who get food for the week.
“They are very appreciative and the guys love to talk to the people,” says SKILLS staff member Randie.
SKILLS volunteers load food for Meals-on-Wheels deliveries.
SKILLS staff member Randie works with a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer to load food into the van.
Meals on Wheels isn’t the only way SKILLS helps feed the hungry. Ervin Community Supports brings a group to the Brown Methodist Church in Clinton to support their community luncheon. Members of the community are invited to come in and share a hot meal. The people that we support help prepare the food, serve food and clean up afterward.

SKILLS volunteers are caring for our furry (and feathered) friends

Supporting people in need is important, but we like to make sure that pets are taken care of as well. The Dill Center helps support the
animal shelter by delivering donated blankets that might not be suitable for sale at the thrift store. The dogs and cats love their cozy blankets, and the people we support enjoy visiting with the animals.
A group from Dill Center also helps care for the pet birds at Cedar Ridge Nursing home. The birds make the nursing home environment a little more pleasant for the people who live there.

SKILLS volunteers are making things better everywhere we go

At the Waterville Public Library a group from Ervin Community Supports helps dust and keep the books in order. It makes a better experience for everyone who visits.
That’s always our goal, to make things better. And that’s why we volunteer.