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SKILLS participates in the Festival of Trees 2017

Every year, SKILLS participates in the Good Will-Hinckley festival of trees. Our theme this year is Jingle Bells, submitted by Crystal Temple of the SKILLS finance department.

In keeping with the theme, people we support decorated bells and created a beautiful display with the help of staff members. About 35 people from the day programs as well as House in Shawmut, and Petra House decorated bells for the event. They used pictures from Pinterest and magazines for inspiration or created their own original designs. A few staff members made bells too.

A group from Ervin Community Supports went out to Good Will-Hinckley just before Thanksgiving to decorate the tree and get it ready for the event.

New this year, SKILLS decorated two trees. The large tree is there for everyone to enjoy. The smaller tree will be raffled off as a fundraiser for Good Will-Hinckley.

Join us at the Festival of Trees December 8 to the 16th at the Prescott Building on the Good Will-Hinckley campus.