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members of the self-advocacy group, Standing Together

SKILLS Self-Advocacy Group Stands Together

When the leadership at SKILLS asked program participants what SKILLS could do to better support them, one big idea rose to the forefront. They wanted a self-advocacy group. The first meeting was held on May 17, 2017. At that meeting,… Read More

Talent Show 2017 – A Great Time for Talent

If you missed the L.C. Dill Center Talent Show this year, you missed out on something great. Singers, musicians and comedians played to a packed house in the Dill Center gym. They brought us “Through the Years, a time traveling trip through… Read More

Physical Therapy in Motion: Central Maine Community Supports

You drive down a quiet side road in Hinckley and spot a building in the middle of an open green field. This is Central Maine Community Supports, SKILLS facility specializing in physical therapy. The two wings of the… Read More

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Get Support for a Lifetime

As we explained in this post last week, in the 1950’s there were very few options for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Families that wanted to keep their loved ones out of institutions were basically on… Read More