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campers gather on the shore of the lake

Brier Beach Camping Trip

two adults with developmental challenges look out through the window of a tentLast year, when a couple of people said they might like to go camping, staff member Errol Ireland thought, “Why not? Let’s make it happen.”

He and some other team members ended up taking 11 people on a camping trip. The event was a huge hit. So huge, that he and team leader Joshua Fournier repeated it again this year.

This time, 10 people camped out overnight for 2 nights. For some, it was their first time sleeping out of doors. Others were on the trip for the second year in a row.

On Saturday August 25, two whole houses and people from some of the day programs joined the campers for a barbecue – bringing the campsite population up to 21.

“We had so much fun,” said team leader Josh. “It went fantastic.”

People went swimming and fishing. They made s’mores. Some people just enjoyed being out in nature, where it was quiet. Well, mostly quiet.

One night one of the campers had a friendly call and response conversation with their neighbors in the next campsite over.

“No one’s tent fell over this year,” Josh said. Although they had a close call with a canopy. That’s what happens when you step out of your comfort zone. Adventures!

Next year’s camping trip is going to be even better! Don’t miss it.