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About Us

Adults with intellectual disabilities want the same things we all want. A safe home, people who care about them, and the chance to use their skills and talents. At SKILLS, Inc. we help make all of that possible.

Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

adults with developmental challenges tend a gardenWe  support more than 185 adults with intellectual disabilities and other challenges. Our community support programs, residential programs, and private homes are located across central Maine. So there’s probably one close to where you live. All of them are staffed by trained Direct Support Professionals.

In addition, we offer employment opportunities at our Skowhegan Thrift Store.

Our goal is to help all of the people we support to reach their full potential.

Join Our Team

Part of the Community

At SKILLS we learn and grow together, and we have fun doing it. We want to be part of the community. So we get out and about as often as we can. We attend baseball games, plant gardens, and visit museums. In addition, we give back by volunteering for Meals on Wheels, serving at local soup kitchens and donating to animal shelters.

A Maine Non-Profit

SKILLS was founded by families. In the 1950’s families built non-profits to support their children with developmental disabilities. SKILLS was born from those early organizations.

As the children grew into adults, their needs changed. So SKILLS changed too. We started serving only adults with intellectual disabilities. To meet their needs, we added services and expanded programs.

Over the last 60 years, we have grown into one big, supportive family stretching across Central Maine. Won’t you join us?

Contact us today for details about our programs and services.