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performers in the SKILLS Variety Show

A Variety of Talents to Show

The SKILLS community is full of talented folks. On October 26, we came together at the L.C. Dill Center gym to share those talents. From year to year the show changes to fit the ideas of the performers, and it’s always a highly anticipated event on the annual calendar.

This year the name changed from the L.C. Dill Center Talent Show to the SKILLS Variety Show. The change happened for two reasons, said Patrick Bagley, Team Leader at the L.C. Dill Center.

First, performers came not just from L.C. Dill, but also from Pittsfield Community Supports and Ervin Community Supports. This year’s name was inclusive for all performers.

Second, the format of this year’s show was more like the classic TV variety show than like a traditional talent show. The people in the show decide the format and content every year. And this year was no exception.

“The practices start out kind of messy but it really comes together the last week,” Patrick said.

When they started rehearsals in early September, the last merchandise from the summer’s indoor yard sales was still waiting to be moved from the gym. By show time, the gym was adorned with Halloween decorations from the previous weekend’s Halloween dance. It added a festive air to the event.

Vocalists took the stage to sing country songs and classics backed by the Community Supports House Band.

Musical talent wasn’t the only skill on display. A few comedians took the stage as well, delighting the audience with classic jokes and surprising one-liners.

In the past they’ve had other sorts of performances like skits or dancing, but this year’s performers decided they’d rather sing and joke than act.

“A lot of the big decisions come from them,” Patrick said. “It’s their show.”

Singers, musicians, and comedians took their bows to the finale song, Celebration. At the end of show, L.C. Dill staff member Kathy Rodden presented the 2018 Landry Award. The award goes to the performer who has improved the most from the first rehearsal to the event. It was awarded to Brandi T. who performed the song, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”

Patrick and the team at the L.C. Dill Center have already started to think about next year. No spoilers – but it’s clear that SKILLS has definitely got talent to share.